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We would love to share our hospitality with college officials from the globe.

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As a local school, we follow the domestic calendar for our school terms. Please find the latest school events, including college visits below.

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University of British Columbia Visit

Are you worried about the whims of President Trump and the safety issues in US? Canadian universities may be a better alternative for you and your family. Check out one of the top universities, University of British Columbia (UBC), in the beautiful coastal city of Vancouver, Canada on September 8th, after school. Please meet the school representative Mr. Tom Whittaker at 16:30 in the auditorium on our international campus.

Boston University Visit

We would love to welcome Ms. Samantha Fifield, assistant director of international admissions at Boston University, one of our most popular destinies for SWFLA students, to visit us on Wednesday, September 6th, from 4:40 to 6:00 in the evening, in the auditorium of our international campus. Please show up and say hello if you would like to know more about BU.

New York University Info Session

We would love to host Mr. Nils Sundin from New York University on our campus again. Please finish your lunch quickly and come to the Auditorium on 11:45. You may come around right after class to have a quick talk with Mr. Sundin, and the counseling office will provide you with snacks to nibble.

2017 First Working Day

All teachers, including foreign expats and Chinese teachers, are all expected to return to school to start the new school year. Let's all get prepared. The office hour is 7:55 am to 4:30 pm. Good luck with a new school year.

Mid Term Week and Final Week of Learning for 12th Graders

While the majority of our high school students are involved in mid term examinations, we still see students enjoying themselves in the early summer days with lots of fun, dodge ball, basket ball, and so many more. Our 12th graders will complete their final week of studying at ours by Friday and start their week long self review session either at school or at home before the launch of 2017 IB global exams, starting May 1st.

We hope all of our students perform well in this week's mid term exams and in the coming IB exams.

Good luck to you all!

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